Sector9 meets the Marley Family

SECTOR 9 SKATEBOARD COMPANY COLLABORATES WITH THE MARLEY FAMILY A SECOND TIME ON A BOARD SERIES FEATURING ICONIC IMAGES San Diego, CA (May 18th , 2017) – For the second time, Sector 9 Skateboard Co., preeminent global provider of skateboards, is partnering with the Marley famil y, on a board series featuring iconic Bob Marley images. Designed with the legend of Bob in mind, and an eye towards the environment, the new four board collection is constructed with 100% sustainably harvested Bamboo. In 2011, we partnered with the Marley family on a very succ essful line of limited-edition skateboards, and thought the timing was right to work together again, on an updated series, says Dennis Telfer, Sector 9 Creative Director and Brand Co-Founder . Bob remains an inspiration of authenticity and equality, which is in line with the skating lifestyle. The bamboo makes these boards cool and conscious – I love them! adds Ziggy Marley, when asked about his feeling on the new Sector 9 collection. Starting this month, the Bob Marley series will be available fo r sale in select Sector 9 authorized dealers , and offers something for every riding style. The imagery also allows fans an opportunity to celebrate Bob and their love of skateboarding by hanging a deck on their wall. The boards included are : Natty Dread (26.5 ) $134; Small Axe (32.5 ) $179; Jamming (37.5 ) $179; and Exodus (38.5 ) $179. All boards will feature various styles of Gull Wing trucks and either 9-Ball or Top Shelf wheels. ABOUT SECTOR 9: Sector 9 has been making skateboarding fun since 1993 by staying commit ted to creating a comprehensive line of highly functional and innovative products. Si nce that time, we’ve become known for making the best, most functional, premium skateboards for the widest range of c onsumers. Sector 9 doesn’t care if you’re 6 or 60 years old; we want to make a board that you can h ave fun on and progress to the best of your ability, from the mountains to the sea and everywhere in between. www.sec About Hope Road Merchandising, LLC : Hope Road Merchandising, LLC, a wholly owned Marley family entity, owns, licenses and markets a portfolio of Marley consumer brands globally, inclu ding: Marley Coffee®, House of Marley®, Marley Beverage Co®, Marley Natu ral ®, and Bob Marley®. Join us on , or follow us on Twitter at or experience with us on

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